Structure Plans

Structure Plans have evolved as one of the primary planning vehicles for the application of both policy and statutory frameworks guiding land development projects. The Structure Plan process, as a prelude to subdivision and development, demands that the Planner and the project team take a highly consultative and inclusive approach which involves the landowners, co-consultants, the local community and relevant public authorities in what is an exacting and critical process.

Structure Plans are diverse by nature, with each one tailored to the specific needs and context of each project reflecting scale, location and legal requirements. CLE specialises in the preparation of Structure Plans at all levels including Sub Regional, District, Local and Centres as a key component of the total master planning output.  CLE manages and negotiates Structure Plans through the approvals process, utilising strong relationships with government agencies to ensure timely and acceptable outcomes.

 Recent CLE Structure Plans include:


  • Albion District Structure Plan
  • Brighton District Structure Plan
  • Egerton (Vale) District Structure Plan


  • Albion Local Structure Plan 1A
  • Golden Bay Community Development Plan
  • East Two Rocks Local Structure Plan
  • Austin Cove Outline Development Plan
  • Banksia Grove Local Structure Plan
  • Wellard Residential Local Structure Plan
  • Madora Bay Outline Development Plan
  • Mandurah Junction Outline Development Plan


  • Brighton District Centre
  • Dalyellup District Centre