Statutory Planning

CLE provides a full statutory planning service to support our Clients’ Projects. This legal based component of town planning and design is increasingly a key element to the successful and timely delivery of plans. It can take on many forms reflecting the preferences and legal requirements of each local authority and requires a knowledgeable interpretation and treatment on each project. Our broad range of experience in both public and private sectors ensures that we can anticipate areas of contention before they arise, and respond effectively to ensure timely approvals.

Key areas of expertise are:

  • Local and District Structure Plan Text
  • General Statutory Provisions
  • Town Planning Scheme Amendments and Rezonings
  • Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendments
  • Development Applications and Planning Approvals
  • Subdivision Applications
  • Local Area Plans
  • Town Planning Appeals/SAT reviews
  • Expert Evidence in appeals, SAT reviews and legal proceedings