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Austin Lakes – HIA Greensmart Award 2013

Satterley Property Group’s Austin Lakes is the 2013 recipient for the HIA Greensmart award for Residential Land Development. CLE has been the project planner and designer for Austin Lakes and nearby Austin Cove since the inception of the project in 2004.

Austin Lakes Presentation Plan

Urban Voices

CLE Urban Designer Neil Thom is one of a number of authors who have collaborated in the release of a book entitled “Urban Voices – Celebrating Urban Design in Australia”. The commemorative publication celebrates the 100th edition of Urban Design Forum (UDF) in Australia over a 25 year period.

In his essay Neil explores the evolution of mainstreet design in Perth, and compares the established inner ring mainstreets with newly created mainstreets in greenfield environments. He documents some of the challenges, opportunities and the need to maintain a flexible approach as they evolve into successful urban places.

cover of urban voices

Banksia Grove

Banksia Grove, one of CLE Town Planning + Design’s master planned projects, was recently featured on the The West Real Estate Program on Channel 7. To view this footage click here.

Banksia Grove You Tube Video

Austin Lakes – UDIA Award for Excellence 2012

Satterley Property Group’s Austin Lakes is the 2012 recipient for the UDIA award for Environmental Excellence. CLE has been the project planner and designer for Austin Lakes and nearby Austin Cove since the inception of the project in 2004.

 Austin Lakes, comprising 270 ha and situated on the eastern banks of the Peel inlet in South Yunderup, will provide approximately 2,900 residential lots at full development, as well as a village centre, government primary school, K-12 private school, and over 71 ha of public open space including a 16 ha man-made lake.  Nestled next to Conservation Category Wetlands, natural bush, Peel Regional Park and the iconic Peel Inlet, Austin Lakes strikes a unique balance between having the very best of modern living and providing access to the best natural elements of the Peel Region.

 Working closely with the Client and project team, CLE delivered an innovative urban design and planning framework that overcame the environmental challenges posed by the site.  These innovations include:

  • Development of a statutory planning framework through the Shire’s Town Planning Scheme that allowed development to commence in a timely manner, whilst also securing key environmental objectives and reporting requirements.  This framework is the result of comprehensive discussion and negotiation with the Shire of Murray, Department of Planning, and key environmental agencies.
  • Preparation of a subdivision design that highlights and protects the key environmental aspects, turning them into key amenity features of the Estate.  These environmental attributes include conservation category wetlands, the Ramsar listed Peel Inlet, and the Murray River floodway.
  • Inclusion of a centrally located 16 ha man-made lake that not only creates a unique sense of place for the Estate, but also provides storage for rain water runoff from roofs and roads, which is subsequently used for treatment of saline bore water and irrigation of public open space throughout the Estate.  Again the design and management of the lake was a collaborative process between the project team and government agencies.
  • Locating and designing public open space so that mature vegetation can be retained, as well as providing a key drainage treatment and conveyance function.
  • Ensuring that finished lot and road levels exceed the 1 in 100 year flood level through the importation of fill across the site, and managing the interface between the filled developable area and the environmental attributes to minimise impacts.  The fill was also used as a means of treating and reducing the phosphorous index of water runoff, thereby improving the quality of water entering the Peel Inlet.

CLE’s development of a unique statutory planning framework and urban design response has resulted in an award winning Estate, as well as providing a best practice model for management of environmental aspects of land development in the region.