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Residential Medium Density Planning Bulletin Released

The Department of Planning have today released the Residential Medium Density Single House Development Standards Planning Bulletin. The Bulletin contains a WAPC adopted suite of R Code variations to facilitate the delivery of R25, R30, R40 and R60 single lot housing in areas covered by a Structure Plan. The benefit of the RMD provisions is the certainty they will provide industry in delivery small lot housing, as well as removing the requirement for further assessment of DAPs and LSP R Code provisions streamlining approvals and clearances.

The provisions deal with site cover / open space, street and side setbacks, garaging, overshadowing and privacy and aside from the 10.5m lot frontage restriction for double garages the provisions are very similar to those already implemented across CLE projects.

CLE has produced conceptual designs showing how the provisions apply, as well as a summary of the provisions.

Importantly with regards to implementation:

  • The provisions are not retrospective and are only effective once adopted into a Local Structure Plan. Implementation of the provisions via Detailed Area Plans (or Local Development Plans) is not supported (which is of benefit to industry by removing an extra subdivision approval condition and clearance step / delay).
  • Where DAPs are being used at the moment we expect that this will be able to continue for a transition period to avoid project delays; however, there is likely to be a strong push from local government and the Department to initiate LSP Amendments to include the provisions and remove the need for DAPs.
  • A proponent may initiate an LSP Amendment to introduce these provisions into an existing LSP. Advertising is to be waived to any such LSP Amendment
  • Provisions are to apply wholly without modification, except the 10.5m restriction for double garages which does not apply to any lodged or approved subdivision applications as of the date of the Planning Bulletin (8 May) where the existing LSP or R Code provisions would apply (which allows a double garage on a 10m wide lot)
  • In general a transition period is to apply to the 10.5m restriction for double garages of around 9 months
  • The transition, implementation and specific provisions will be subject to review by the Working Group who are continuing to meet regularly to ensure the intent is being achieved. CLE are on the Working Group, as are UDIA Representatives.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the implications of this. Please contact any of our planners to discuss.

Draft Planning and Development (Local Planning Scheme) Regulations 2014

The Department of Planning are currently advertising the draft Planning and Development (Local Planning Scheme) Regulations 2014, submissions close on 30 January 2015.

The Regulations are very important as they contain deemed town planning scheme provisions that will automatically apply to all local governments, removing the existing provisions in their scheme. The Regulations cover Structure Plans, Scheme Amendments, Local Planning Policies and Scheme Reviews. The Department’s intention is to have the Regulations in place by 1 July 2015.

We have reviewed the document in detail and in our view there are significant issues for industry and major projects – resulting in potential delays (contra to the reform objectives), reduced land owner certainty, undermining proponent appeal rights and potentially adversely affecting land valuations. In our view industry could be better off with the current adhoc town planning scheme approach than the new Regulations.

We have prepared a one page summary of the big ticket issues for industry, and would be pleased to discuss this with you further and provide you with our full submission.

Review of the draft Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2014 and major impacts for Industry

Today the Minister for Planning released the draft Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2014 containing the Model Scheme Text and Deemed Town Planning Scheme Provisions. The Regulations cover aspects such as Structure Plans and Development Contribution Plans and are available for public comment until 30 January 2015.

CLE, in collaboration with UDIA, has prepared a summary of the key impacts of the Regulations for industry and will be making a submission on behalf of all of our Clients.

The draft Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2014 and Discussion Paper can be viewed here.

2014 Black Swan Prize

2014 has proved to be another exciting year for CLE at the Black Swan Prize, Western Australia’s most prestigious art exhibition. Featuring the Black Swan Prize for Portraiture and the Black Swan Prize for Heritage competitions, over 80 stunning artworks portraying people and the landscape through the artist’s eyes were on display recently at the Heritage Precinct at Brookfield Place.

CLE’s Ian Everett, Mark de Cruz and Naomi Antenucci were chosen as finalists in this year’s Black Swan Prize for Heritage, an independent heritage competition run by the Black Swan Prize in partnership with Heritage Perth. This Prize aims to raise awareness and appreciation of the built and natural heritage of Central Perth. The 29 insightful artworks depicted aspects of the heritage of central Perth and were vying for the $20,000 Etihad Airways Heritage Prize.

Congratulations to Mark de Cruz for being awarded a “highly commended” prize for his work “Purgatorium” which depicted a haunting interpretation of the East Perth power station. The designated heritage site, situated on the beautiful East Perth foreshore that once helped shape the future of Perth, is now in a derelict state. With the recent state government announcement of the sale and redevelopment of the site, we can look forward to this once industrial complex becoming a vibrant waterfront destination for future generations to enjoy.

Naomi Antenucci’s “Bloodlines” was a minimalist piece, highlighting Perth’s core street network based on the past 100 years. Despite technological advancements, cultural changes and significant architectural proliferation the City of Perth has quite surprisingly remained almost unchanged.

Ian Everett’s artwork “Apocalypse Perth” attracted significant interest due to the controversial subject matter. The recently demolished Michelides Tobacco and Cigarette Factory had been a highly debated heritage topic in Perth this year. Although the State Heritage Council recommended the building to be placed on the State Heritage Register and it was classified by the National Trust in 2013 it was demolished in April this year.

Ian was pleased to discover during this year’s awards night that, not only had his work been purchased, but that it has been purchased by the Michelides family themselves. A copy of his artwork will also feature in a book that is to be published about the building and the history of the Michelides family.

2014 was said to be the best year yet for the Black Swan Prize with a record number of entrants, the biggest prize pool ever offered and a burgeoning sense of pride within the WA community for a national event created and showcased right here in WA. Congratulations Ian, Mark and Naomi and best of luck for 2015!